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MathSphere's aim is to help your children with their maths, both at school and at home. If you are a teacher or a parent you will find that our expertise in providing quality resources will inspire your children to succeed.

MathSphere is a world leader in Maths Education. Teachers already use our software in over 15,000 schools worldwide!


Parents: It's All Figured Out! The best selling UK worksheet CD

We provide software at realistic prices which will enable your children to:

  • enjoy their maths
  • become confident in their own ability
  • be quick and accurate in mental arithmetic
  • be proficient with pencil and paper methods
  • be inspired by maths

This includes both Maths worksheets for traditional pencil and paper Maths, as well as exciting interactive calculations games.

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Parents: subscription service

Our sister site gives access to over 4000 worksheets, as well as over 500 calculation activities and games for just £8.99 a month. All the very best material from MathSphere now on-line for children aged 5 to 11.

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Free Resources for Primary Schools.

Whether it's a set of Maths worksheets, Maths Dictionary, printable graph paper, puzzles or a set of Maths wordsearches, there are over 400 pages freely available.

Download, print and photocopy for your children to use.

Teachers and parents like us!

“This is a fantastic resource for oral and mental starters. The children absolutely love it and it has led to a real enthusiasm for an area of maths in which many children have, in the past, been reluctant to ‘perform’.”

Teacher Magazine ( Headteacher Great Sampford Esse

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