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MathSphere Free Resources for children aged 5 to 11

These links lead to a wide variety of free maths pages which are all in Flash paper or pdf format, allowing for easy printing out.

Sample Worksheets from 'It's All Figured Out!'

Over 300 free worksheets for children from aged 5 to 11, taken from the

'It's All Figured Out' CD.

Sample Worksheets from 'Booster' CD for Year 6 children

A selection of typical Key Stage 2 test questions from our KS2 Booster CD. Ideal to help boost your child's result from a 3 to a 4, or from a 4 to a 5!

Planning and assessment using MathSphere products

If you have the Year 3 or 4 MathSphere Calculations CDs here are some excellent planning and assessment sheets.

Maths Dictionary

Fantastic detailed maths dictionary explaining all the more complex language used in teaching primary maths today.

Graph & Line Paper

Short of squared paper? Need a piece of graph paper? Then this is the link for you. Just click and print. (pdf)

Board Games

Like playing games with a mathematical bias? Try printing these and enjoy playing them. My favourite with a 3 or 4 players is 'Pig'. (pdf)

Maths Magic

Want to impress your friends, parents or children with your skilful mind reading?

Maths Puzzles

Plenty of thought provoking puzzles here. Just print out and try them. (pdf)

Word & Number Searches

Number searches can be trickier than you think. All word searches use the maths vocabulary for the appropriate year. (pdf)

More of these can be found on the 'It's All Figured Out' CD.

GCSE Maths Revision

A selection of free Foundation and Higher Level revision questions. Each question has a full written explanation of how to tackle it, so you will never be stuck for an answer!